Bulbax is an independent result driven private equity firm

We acquire products that don’t fit the venture capital template and are typically “too small” for traditional middle-market private equity firms.

Building exterior in Toronto, Canada

We help you turn your product into a successful exit

And give you the cash on hand you need to move to your next big step.

Mobile Apps

It’s a new home for your mobile app or we can help developers liquidate their assets.


Products born in the cloud and businesses moving to SaaS from traditional software sales.


Websites or author blogs with unique, evergreen content on specific topics.

Mobile Games

Old casual games with long-forgotten game mechanics that can be reimagined.

Our focus

Before, we built products and made them profitable. 
Now we’re acquiring small businesses and growing them.


  • Profitable or passed break-even point
  • Small business and shelved projects
  • Generate revenue for at least 1 year
  • North America, Europe, Australia
  • Single product or a portfolio
Tourist taking photo of a building
Windows of a building in Nuremberg, Germany


  • Social, Communities, Dating
  • Health, Wellness, Wellbeing
  • Lifestyle, Productivity
  • Sport, Outdoor
  • Entertainment
  • Content
  • Games

“We acquire what we know, and we know how to operate what we acquire.”


CEO, Partner